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Ah Crud! 

The thrusters of your ship are on the blink and you've ended up in a infinite looping dimension galaxy. Navigate through space to find the way back to your space station. 

The only gameplay controls are rotating your ship left or right and you can do that using the following: 

Keyboard + Mouse
WASD Arrow Keys Left/Right Mouse Buttons 
Left Analog Stick 
Right Analog Stick 
West/East Face Buttons 
Left/Right Shoulder Buttons 
Left/Right Triggers 

You can restart a level by pressing R on a keyboard or Select/Menu on a controller.

Return to the menu by pressing Tab on a keyboard or the North Button on a controller.

You can quit the application by pressing P on a keyboard or the Start button while on the Menu

Originally made in 48 Hours as part of the GMTK Game Jam 2020 
Theme: "Out Of Control"

Art Assets by Kenney.

Everything else by Rob Davies.


StarLoop - Jam Edition 22 MB

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